Website Security & Maintenance Plan (Monthly)


Website Security & Maintenance Plan (Monthly):

1) Maintained & Optimised
2) Protection & Security
3) Website Backups
4) Custom Reports

See the link in the description below for full details.

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Security. Back ups. Updates.

Before your new website is launched, we strongly recommend having a security system in place. This will help to protect it and combat any hacking attempts you may have. As a follow on, back ups are crucial. Should the worst happen, either by hacking, system crashes, etc… having back ups will ensure everything can be re-instated efficiently giving you peace of mind. Moving forward, you want to keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more. Regular updates and fresh content will go a long way to achieving this, whilst improving your SEO in the process!

With these key areas in mind, we’ve created a custom ‘Security and Maintenance Plans’ to help clients have their websites protected, backed up and maintained.

CLICK HERE for full details of the Website Security and Maintenance Plans.

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