Hayden-Media: Website Redesign

Web technology moves on at quite a pace these days. Layout and design trends equally so. Is your site keeping up with these changes? Is it necessary to do so? Whatever your answers, it’s probably worth taking a step back and evaluating your online presence every couple of years. Some say it’s advisable to do a complete periodical makeover, others advise just a little tinkering here and there. While others say leave everything alone! Well, we evaluated our online presence over the summer months, and came to the conclusion that we – and more importantly our site visitors – would indeed benefit from a complete redesign. Quite a task, but we rose to the challenge head on and the redesign is now complete and ‘live’ on the web. However, ‘complete’ is perhaps not the right word to use here, as the site will be in a constant state of development, and rightly so.

So, what’s new?
Well, we won’t use technical jargon, but the first thing you’ll notice are the visuals. Totally different. The look is clean, professional, and we feel the improved navigational structure helps to enhance user experience. More importantly however is the content. Web packages and maintenance plans are clearly priced and described, a cost calculator is available for those early enquiries, and the addition of a shopping facility enables potential customers to order and reserve their chosen package online, should they wish to do so.

Customer Support
One of the questions we’re often asked is if support is available following a client’s website launch. Absolutely! We never walk away leaving customers to fend for themselves. It can be a challenging environment, and we feel post launch support and advice is imperative in helping to get the most from a website. As such we have extended our range of resources for customers in this area, with pages of advice, guidance and the way forward which will help towards raising business – or interest – online profiles, and achieving those all important and targeted goals.

Moving Forward
There are further developments in the pipeline, but that’s for the period ahead. To make sure you don’t miss anything at all however, we do recommend subscribing to our newsletter (see below). Your details are never passed on to third parties, and we don’t bombard our subscribers inbox with bucket loads of inappropriate emails. We’ll simply send out a fresh newsletter when – and only when – we have something important to say and which you should probably know about! 🙂 You can also unsubscribe at any time 🙁 Although we hope you won’t! 🙂

Thank you for reading what we have going on here, and feel free to CONTACT US if your have any questions, suggestions or simply to provide feedback. All of which are always genuinely appreciated.

Have fun!

Andrew Hayden, B.Sc, CEO


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