Clio Cup beckons for Chris with Team Pyro!

11 April 2012

Following the disappointment of not being able to raise budget to complete in the ‘British Touring Car Championship’, Chris - who last year became the second youngest driver to compete in the 50 year history of the BTCC - has signed a deal with Team Pyro to compete abroad initially, in two rounds of the Clio Cup Italy, and one round of the Clio Cup Bohemia. Chris said ‘I don’t consider it a step backwards. Although my first choice was obviously the BTCC, this will be a different challenge with much bigger grids and longer circuits. It will also give me some valuable front wheel driving experience. While I am fully confident, and quick, in rear wheel drive cars, the only front driving I have ever done is half a season in the Clio Cup UK before moving into Touring Cars last season, so this experience will make me a more complete driver.’

It’s been a disappointing few weeks for Chris, who only a few months ago looked like he had secured the funds to do his first full season in The British Touring Car Championship, with Rob Austin Racing, only to be let down a month before the season started by a major sponsor. Dave (Father) said, ‘It’s been very hard for him to get so close to competing and now all he can do is watch, but thanks to Team Pyro Manager Mark Hunt, Chris has a new target in his racing career, and he is more concentrated and determined than ever to be successful. This is not the end of the BTCC for Chris, he is still very young, 4 years younger than any other driver on the grid, and we are still talking to RAR. As soon as we can secure the funds to see us through to the end of the season, there is a good chance we will be back in a car with them.’

In the mean time Chris will be at his local track this weekend, Donington, to watch the second round of The British Touring Car Championship, hoping that he will be back out there in the near future, but looking forward to a new international challenge.