Chris Swanwick: Official Website

Welcome to my website and I hope you are looking forward to the new season like I am. It should be quite exciting! My ambition has always been to compete in the highest level of motor racing, both from a personal capability and budget view, each year getting to a higher level. Last year - as you may be aware - I competed in the final two rounds of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), the highest level of saloon car racing in the country. This year’s ambition is to complete a full season, if the budget permits.

A vital component of making this goal achievable, is fitness. So to this end, a whole body programme has been established with personal trainer Nick Jelly. The venue is Nick's fully equipped gym which is approximately 3omiles from home. Nick assists with my diet, weight, body fat, etc... Training entails 4 out of 5 days, with two days boxing training and two days in the local gym. I spend as much time as possible with the race team which helps get to know the team and maximise my all round knowledge and familiarisation within the racing environment, understanding car set ups, etc...

Finding sponsors is always very difficult and challenging, and the higher up the motor racing ladder you progress, the budget naturally tends to increase accordingly. We aim to complete a full season of BTCC in 2012, which entails a budget in the region of £300,000 to £400,000. However, for the first time in my motor racing career, teams are now approaching us and which are prepared to subsidise that figure by up to 50% from potential sponsors. Sponsor negotiations are enlightening for all parties and we ensure potential sponsors have all the information at their disposal, in order to make an informed choice about particpation in this exciting sport. Previous sponsors obtain maximum exposure and feel very much part of the team. Based on our experience of Touring Cars last year it is easier to get media coverage for sponsors than in any other championship that we have competed in. Races are shown on ITV 4 repeated on ITV 1 and Men & Motors, with additional exposure via radio interviews, motor sports magazines, etc...

The work is demanding, but always approached with professionalism. On race weekends I get myself in the right frame of mind from the outset, arriving at the track the afternoon before the race, helping the team set up and most importantly walk the circuit with a coach or senior driver, stopping at various points discussing speed, lines and gear selection. My ambition is to be the youngest driver to win a British Touring Car Race initially, and all mine and the team's efforts are fully focussed and committed to making this happen.

I hope you enjoy my new website!